Monique and Johan's wedding photography

Monique and Johan's wedding photography



Monique was a student at the Capoeira class when she first laid her eyes on the handsome instructor, Johan. Soon they became inseparable. Eight years later they pledged their love to each other in front of the family and friends. Monique looked absolutely stunning in her elegant gown! The contrast between the sporty look Monique prefers every day and the elegant lady she transformed into, left us all speechless! The ceremony and the reception was held at the Provence in Wellington. It was obvious that both the Bride and the Groom both love the ocean, as the room was tastefully decorated with everything that comes from the sea. There was gorgeous vases with shells and starfish, sea sand and coral. Monique and Johan did many trips to the seaside collecting decorations for their wedding day. What a lovely DIY project! The room was filled with blue light, making it feel like an underwater world.

After the joyful ceremony the couple danced the night away. The photo booth was also ocean-themed! We had a massive inflatable shark and all sorts of flotation devices. The couple got snorkelling masks and goggles for the guest's entertainment. We had endless fun taking photos with all those props! It was a fantastic day of joy and celebration, when these two families came together to participate in this happy event. We wish Monique and Johan a lifetime filled with love and laughter. They are already a fantastic couple, they can only grow to be more amazing together!

Venue: Provence

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ingrid pfeiffer(non-registered)
Soooo sorry we missed it. From all accounts, a very good time was had by all. You all looked stunning. wishing you everything of the best
Grace Bouwer(non-registered)
Stunning couple and we wish you all the happiness, you ooze happiness and love
Nathalie Barends(non-registered)
It was the most beautiful wedding I attended in a very long time and very unique, just like the couple!
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