Julia and Neal's Hermanus wedding photography

Julia and Neal's Hermanus wedding photography



Julia and Neal tied the knot in the lovely chapel at the Volmoed estate in Hermanus. The bride looked breathtaking in her purple dress and a shimmering silver veil, as she walked down the aisle with her father. The reception, hosted at The Classrom, gathered friends and family from around the world. The venue was filled with the most unique flowers, carefully picked by the bride. One could tell that the bride is a plant biologist, the selection of bloom was incredible! From opulent orchids to wild field flowers, every table decor was unique and original. Our favourite was the cake! Julia and Neal decided to break away from the tradition of a sweet wedding cake and they served the cheese cake. No, not the cheesecake, the massive tower made of different kinds of cheese, surrounded with fruit and nuts. The quests enjoyed some fine cheese while we sneaked away for some romantic Hermanus wedding photography. The couple took us to some spectacular spots by the ocean! Julia and Neal looked fabulous posing on the rocks, with the waves crashing behind them. It was a wedding photographers dream to capture this gorgeous bride and a handsome groom in such a stunning location. The sunset splashed out some spectacular colours, right in time to create some timeless wedding images. We returned to The Classroom just after  the sunset for the wedding reception. 

We would like to congratulate Julia and Neal on hosting this original and lavish wedding and wish the newlyweds many years of joy and happiness. We feel honoured to be trusted to capture this special couple's memories!



Here is some stories and tips that Julia kindly shared with us:

"I slimmed down with Herbalife before I started dress shopping, as I went down from a size 12 to a size 6, and using the products really helped me to get into the best of health and shape up. Clean eating and lots of water were also important in terms of that. I hoped to get round to more exercise to build more muscle, but didn't do nearly as much there as I hoped. The honeymoon and newly married life have been providing plenty of healthy exercise though - so shaping up even more now :)"



"Neal and I met online (Dating Buzz/Goodhope FM Dating). We are both in our 30's, and the pool of available people is different to in your 20's. I had never tried online dating before, but it was a good experience, provided you keep your wits about you and filter out the undesirables, creating a honest profile means most of the awkward questions are dealt with prior to meeting, and you get to know one another on an intellectual level before making eye contact. Also online you get to specify exactly what you want, so you increase your likelihood of finding what you are looking for, with common interests. When you eventually are comfortable enough with each other to meet, you will immediately know whether there is chemistry to pursue the relationship....and from there its like normal dating.....except you are well prepared for your first meeting."



"The whole day was like a dream... I still remember quite a lot of detail, but what I will remember for a long time, aside from being engulfed in love, and the complete sense of euphoria, would probably be Neal's face when he saw me, and his overwhelmed tears as I joined him at the altar.... And of course the funny stuff - like me putting the ring on his wrong finger.... :) Our cake was exactly as I wanted it, the photo-session was amazing, the weather played along perfectly (although there was no breeze to blow the veil), the sunset was spectacular, Kitty was so charismatic - definitely an experience we will remember as part of what made the day so special! Our wedding was small & intimate so it was really nice to spend time with a few of the people who are really close, special and meaningful in our lives.... The food was excellent, and we did not make a single mistake in our dance (thanks Phox dance school). There were actually so many people involved who contributed to it running so smoothly and perfectly - Ronel Nel, my coordinator, Silke Viljoen, doing hair & make-up, Johanna Viljoen, who made us such beautiful bouquets and interesting flower arrangements, and of course everyone in the bridal party... Rev Barry Wood had such a beautiful and appropriate message, Volmoed was a beautiful venue and The Classroom was great for the reception!

It was also a special surprise when Dr Isaac Raj Alanka, who came through to join us from India and prayed a special blessing for us, also presented us with beautiful matching rings.... That was very special and meaningful - wonderful symbolism! And of course the purple dress!!! It was such a fun, easy to wear, striking dress that practically danced by itself :)"

"Tips for future brides.... Start planning well in advance with whatever you can - that will reduce the stress as the big day draws nearer....there is so much detail to think about. Make it a mission to enjoy every aspect of it....relax, take it easy and enjoy the journey. Get good people in your bridal party / coordination team - it really helps to have experienced people involved! I literally floated through the day... And enjoy it - no matter how it turns out.....because that is how it was meant to be :)
Planning a wedding together with your partner is actually a great preparation for marriage, as there is so much detail to agree on... Its a nice start to the true merging of 2 lives."
Ceremony venue: Volmoed in Hermanus
Reception venue: The Classroom
Coordination: Ronel Nel
Hair and Make-up: Silke Viljoen


Julia Delport(non-registered)
Kitty, it was an amazing experience having you and Ruan photograph our wedding! You are a fantastic photographer and artist.

Thank you so much! Really beautiful!
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