Mardre and Hanro's Kronenberg wedding photography

Mardre and Hanro's Kronenberg wedding photography



Mardre and Hanro said "I do" on the 4th of October at Kronenberg Estate. The bride looked stunning in her open-back dress, as she walked down the stone staircase to the bottom of the amphitheatre. The touching ceremony, accompanied with live music, was followed by the joyfull reception. We loved the earth-inspired decor, filled with little rocks, succulent plants and proteas. Even the cake was decorated with some of the plants! The candle-lit reception was the perfect background for Mardre and Hanro's romantic first dance. The family and friends soon followed them on the dance floor in some spectacular dance moves! Mardre and Hanro's Kronrnber wedding photography was a true delight - this place is build for photos! We captured some great shots around the venue and in the winyards surrounding the venue. This fabulous couple looked so in love on their wedding day! It was a true pleasure to capture Mardre and Hanro's special moments. We wish them a lifetime filled with love and happiness!


"We met on the action netball court where we played against one another. We have never met before up until that day. During the game he threw the ball to one of his team mates and as I intercepted the ball I broke my finger. And that is the way we met. My husband broke my finger. hahaha. You can just imagine the laughs we still get up until today. But what really brought us together is the fact that we both have the same moral values and we fill up each other completely. We are both very passionate people and we both love sport very much. As a little girl I always said I want to marry a guy that is like my dad. And that is exactly what Hanro is. He is my prince charming."


"The most memorable moment for me was definitely to see my husband standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for me. And from there onwards is everything that happened basically for e a memorable moment. It was really my dream wedding and it exceeds all of my expectations.

Hanro’s memorable moment was the moment he saw me down walking down the aisle, or in this case the stairs. And then off course the part where the dominee said that we are now officially husband and wife. And that he may now kiss his bride."

"The advice I have for young brides is to really enjoy every part of your wedding. From the moment you've got engaged till your wedding day. Then do everything together. We girls tend to take over the wedding planning, but don’t forget that it is also your fiancé’s wedding day. Listen to him, and what he also would like on the day. Make every choice together. Then take in as much as possible. Everyone has probably already told you that the day went by so quickly, but it is really true. And most of all, don’t stress. I also stressed but in the end you realized it was really all for nothing. It is your wedding day and nothing will mess it up."


Venue: Kronenburg



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