Rehana and Bradley's Nooitgedacht muslim wedding photography

Rehana and Bradley's Nooitgedacht muslim wedding photography



Rehana and Bradley, now called Basheer, joined their paths together in the beautiful ceremony at Nooitgedacht. The bride looked like a real life princess and left us all speechless when she walked down the reception hall. The groom also looked very stylish in the dark blue suit. We would like to congratulate this beautiful couple and wish them many years filled with love and happiness. They truly are inseparable! Thank you, Rehana and Bradley, for choosing us to capture your Nooitgedacht muslim wedding photography. It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of your special day!

Rehana and Bradley shared their journey with us:

Our life story:

What brought us together: 
We have been good friends for many years we have always been there for each other. Nothing brought us together it was destiny "meant to be" we were each others best friend. I married my soul mate and best friend! 
Special memory of our wedding day: 
I must say the moment he walked through the door after mosque and I realised that he was no longer my friend, boyfriend or fiance. He was now my husband, that moment was overwhelming and special especially when he put the ring on my finger. It was an emotional and overwhelmingly joyous occasion, especially due to the fact that my mom never lived to witness the moment as she passed away from cancer about a month before the wedding that she planned and wished to see and the fact that my dad had to go through giving his daughter away on his own.
Advice for future brides: 
This is a special time in your life, take in every moment and don't get so deep into the planning that you forget to savour the small moments. If you have your parents with you to witness the day appreciate it, thank them be grateful for them. I was not so lucky to have had my mom there which was the hardest thing to go through, but my dad was my support and my anchor and stood in as if I had both my parents. Take in every moment with your husband on the day as it goes by so quickly. Enjoy the planning and the day to the fullest! 
Venue: Nooitgedacht
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