Aimee and Andre's Beloftebos wedding

Aimee and Andre's Beloftebos wedding


Aimee and Andre tied the knot on the 8th of November 2014. Their stunning Beloftebos wedding was a glamorous and fun event! Beloftebos is the one wedding venue that doesn't need introduction. The lavish forest makes such a romantic setting for wedding ceremonies! Beloftebos' famous giant tree, now reclining on it's side, frames the shots just perfect and provides a great platform for creative wedding photography. Aimee arrived in a Jeep, especially sprayed white and decorated with flowers for the occasion. The bride left us all speechless as she walked down the aisle accompanied by her dad. Aimee and Andre's touching ceremony finished of with showers of purple fynbos confetti. Beloftebos provides endless picture perfect locations to do amazing wedding photographs! We truly enjoyed watching Aimee and Andre's romantic moments and making sure their memories are captured for a lifetime.


What brought you together:

We grew up in the same neighbourhood and I was the annoying little sister of Andre's friend. After Andre went to a different highschool as I did, we did not see much of each other for years. Before Andre left for collage we reconnected on the beach with friends during the Desember holiday. We have been inseprable since.



Special memory of the wedding:

When I walked down the isle in the most beautifull forest chaple, with not a breeze of wind blowing, my dad on my side, my husband-to-be smiling back at me and my mother in tears, it was the most magical moment of my life.



Advise for future brides:

Don't let anything get you down on your wedding day. If something is not exactly as you have planned it to be, do not worry. Your guests will not know it was supposed to be different and I'm sure they will still think it is perfect. 



Venue: Beloftebos



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