Comine and Charl's Overberg wedding

Comine and Charl's Overberg wedding



Comine and Charl said "I do" in the chapel at De Oudekraal. We truly enjoyed their rustic Overberg wedding and the entire experience of capturing the beauty of the farmlands. This lovely venue, located in the heart of Overberg, brings the rustic elements and the touch of nature together. Comine designed beautiful stationery to complement the style of the venue. The theme of the decor was birds, and the bride sneaked images and names of birds into everything. The tables were named after birds and every guest received a miniature cactus plant as a thank you gift. 

We were astonished by the beauty of the Overberg! This spacious land with endless fields and lush greenery provides a perfect background for awesome wedding photography. With such a beautiful couple like Comine and Charl, it's a recipe for stunning images! You two have made the perfect choice to get married in the Overberg! 


"Overberg wedding"Geldenhuys 101Wedding photography "Overberg wedding"Geldenhuys 101Wedding photography "Overberg wedding"Geldenhuys 101Wedding photography "Overberg wedding"Geldenhuys 101Wedding photography

1. What brought you together?

In life every single person wants to find Mr or Ms Right. . .  In our case religion was the biggest attraction. But of course the first thing is physical attraction then interests. Mine is superbike and my wife loves jogging or anything outdoors, fortuitously for me she was in to superbikes. We found a good balance of compromising and supporting each other. Anything that meant we could do something together and spends time was done. We lived 60 km from one another, I won’t lie it was tough at times but if it’s the right person it will work out. We believe that in the end faith brought us together and we thank the Lord!!


2. What was the one special memory of your wedding day?

(A) Bride: I would say everything but if I must pick one, it would be when I walked in to the church and saw Charl’s face.  The look in his eyes and biting his lip is something that I will remember for the rest of my life.

(A) Groom: To me I would say was to slide the ring over Comine’s finger, saying  i do witch after our eyes locked


3. Any advice for the future brides?

(A) You can’t choose the weather so don’t let it spoil anything, also some people will not pitch or cancel one week prior to the wedding. . . That said, you won’t even notice them missing. The hole day goes by so quickly, soak up every second and ‘dance like no one’s watching’!!!!


Venue: De Oudekraal

Hair and Make-up: Amelia Kotze



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