Janis and Clintons Suikerbossie wedding photography

Janis and Clintons Suikerbossie wedding photography


We were looking forward to capture Janis and Clinton's Suikerbossie wedding photography for over a year. Both the bride and the groom are beautiful people inside out. Janis just radiates kindness and beauty every step of her way, Clinton is a fashion-loving good looking young man. Together they are this kind of couple everybody wants to be around. Family and friends came from all corners of the world to be part of their celebration.

Janis was getting ready at the 12 Apostles Hotel, in the gorgeous room filled with mirrors. We absolutely love this glamorous venue, as it provides the perfect canvas for the bridal preparation, with all the soft colours, luxurious decor and fine details. Janis walked out of the 12 Apostles hotel looking like a princess!

Clinton scheduled his preparation in The Bay Hotel in Cams Bay. Stylish, minimalistic interiors and the resort-like surroundings made the photos look like a fashion catalogue from french riviera. Great choice of the venue!

The weather that day was absolutely perfect. Janis and Clinton said "I do" as the sun was setting over the mountains at Suikerbossie. The bride looked absolutely breathtaking as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.  The couple exchanged rings and sealed their commitment in a long kiss. The ceremony was followed by a lively reception. The guests performed a choreographed routine involving everybody in the reception hall, followed by some vivid dancing.

We feel very privileged to have been able to capture Janis and Clinton's special day. Their wedding was an absolute delightto photograph and we wish them many years of love and happiness. 



What brought you together?

Janis: My sparkling personality of course (he he). The 2010 World Cup actually. I was working in Sandton and Clinton been in the Travel and Tourism industry was hosting a group from the UK. To my advantage, they were based in Johannesburg (he's actually from Cape Town) and he happened to be at mine and my girlfriends' regular stomping ground close to our work the one evening. We did the corny 'eyes locked thing' in a room full of people, after some chit chat and other things he convinced me that we are a minor two hour flight away from each other. And so started our long distance relationship...



What was the one special memory of your wedding day?

Janis: He's teary eyes while approaching him down the aisle. My boy doesn't cry, so seeing him looking at me like that had me wanting to sprint to him.



Any advice for the future brides?

Janis: Get your mum, bridesmaid/bridesmaids or a sister to remind you to pause, and 'take it all in' every now and again on the day. The day goes ridiculously fast and before you know it, months of preparations and planning are over. Oh, and cliche as it is, don't fret the small stuff. So what if a few people that RSVP'd didn't show? You will still be Mrs {insert your fiance's surname here...} at the end of the day, and that is the whole point of the biggest day of your life, right?



Bride's preparation venue: 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa

Groom's preparation venue: The Bay Hotel

Ceremony and reception venue: Suikerbossie


Hair - Carla Levendall, Avantgarde Salon

Make-up - Helen Walker

Dress - Sophia Tolli, Ever After Bridal, http://www.everafterbridal.co.za/


See more photos: http://www.vizionphoto.com/janisandclinton



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