How to plan a wedding? Start here!

How to plan a wedding? Start here!

We've recently been chatting quite a bit about wedding planning. We got married in December 2012 on a small yacht sailing out of Cape Town, and thus bypassed a number of the planning hurdles that go into planning a big wedding. From chatting to many Brides-to-be and looking at wedding blogs, and magazines we've found that it could be quite hard to figure out where to start. There is so much information out there to filter through online, so we decided to compile a very compact, visually pleasing pictorial to help you get started. If you've already started, this could be a good exercise to see how you've done so far. If you are still wondering how to plan a wedding, start here!

Please note that this compact guide is far from being the complete guide to planning your special day as there are a many things you could add based upon the style, feel and budget of your special day.


how to plan a wedding

Choosing your venue: 

Firstly you need to decide whether you would like to have an outdoor or an indoor wedding. We love to be surrounded by nature, but make sure there is somewhere to hide in case of rain. You can choose between venues at the beach, on a wine farm, a classy hotel, a safari reserve, a country manor, or many more. There are so many options to choose from, so make sure it suits who you are and what you love. Do remember to have a rough idea of how many guests you're planning to have, as this will effect your options too.

Collect ideas:

You can use a diary, where you glue beautiful things. You can create a board on Pinterest ( I love it, because I can see what you like and what style of photography would suit you). Some people make a wedding website (this is also great as your friends can follow the preparations and build the excitement for your Big Day). You can collect fabrics, ribbons or simply take photos with your smartphone. Really, anything goes, as long as it serves the purpose of getting you inspired and help track the details you're after.

Book your wedding photographer : 

we suggest you do this as early as possible. Photographers work on a "fist come first served" basis, so make sure you secure your dream photographer early! After the wedding, when the excitement is over and the cake has been eaten, the photos are the only thing you have left to tell your fairytale.

Build your guest list:

This can be a nerve-wrecking experience, but remember: It's your wedding and You get to decide, who is coming and who is not. Unless Daddy is paying, then you might have to invite some of his friends too.

Pick your wedding service providers:

Make sure you do a bit of research, the more you look at, the better idea you have of the industry standards. Build a shortlist of a few you really like and then go and meet them in person. This way you can ensure you get people that suit your style and budget and most importantly, people you get along with.

Make-up artist:

 We LOVE good make-up! That flawless skin that always looks perfect in photographs! Good make-up will bring out your eyes and shape your face to look even more beautiful on the day. Please, hire a professional. Good make-up really makes a huge difference for photos and you want your make-up to stay perfect, hour after hour after hour. 

Plan your timeline:

All your service providers would really appreciate a good, detailed timeline - it doesn't mean you are trying to control everything, but gives every-one a good guide to work to. If things don't go exactly according to plan on the day, that's fine, because every-one would then be well prepared and can usually catch up fairly quickly.

Wear your shoes before the wedding day!

You don't want to be so uncomfortable that you have to take your shoes off and the last thing you need is blistered feet on your honeymoon. Have a comfortable pair of shoes for the photo session - the photographer will tell you when your gorgeous feet are visible, so you can pop your glam shoes back on.

Arrange transport on the day:

 If you hire a car to take you from the ceremony to the reception, make sure that car will be there when you want to go home. If not, arrange accordingly. 

Have fun on your wedding! 

Wedding is about you and your honey. Tell each other how happy you are; Kiss and cuddle and giggle. We LOVE those natural expressions - the real photography starts when both of you burst out laughing and forget about posing and the camera. Then we can see the real YOU. 

Once you have figured out how to plan a wedding with your fiancee, you can do pretty much anything together! 

Stay tuned for more tips coming soon.

Happy planning :-)

Kitty and Andre



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