How to build a wedding guest list

How to build a wedding guest list

Hi Brides to Be!

We all know how stressfull building the guest list can be. For me it is probably the hardest part of the preparation. Do you invite the aunt, that you saw last when you were five? How about all the family living overseas or the cousins and their partners - that's just the beginning. Then you have to make a decision weather to invite your school/university friends, your co-worker you see every day or your next-door neighbour that looks after your dog while you are away. One of the biggest questions you will face before your wedding day is how to build a wedding guest list.

It can be quite stressfull, especially if you are planning your wedding on a budget. Everybody is on some kind of a budget, even if you have a nice round number to blow on your wedding. Therefore certain decisions have to be made and of course your idea of the guest list might be slightly different to your parents idea. They would like to see all their brothers and sisters present and you would much rather invite more friends and have a massive party – this is where it gets complicated.

One of our recent grooms-to-be had this awesome idea of building the guest list. He simply says, without going into any details: "Would I buy you dinner?"

We wish it was that simple, but most of us have a large family, with plenty of aunties and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews. The line has to be drawn somewhere. You either invite everybody with their offspring, or just the closest family. It all depends on the size of your wedding. 

It's great to have loads of guests at your wedding. It's such a nice feeling to be surrounded by everybody you grew up with, your family and your friends. Try to chat to each of your guests at least once during the evening, even if it's just a brief conversation – it will make them feel special and appreciated. Your guests went through a lot of effort to be there with you and celebrate your love.

But at the end of the day, the wedding is about you and your partner. Find time to be alone and tell each other how happy you are. You will be saying speeches in front of everybody, but saying it into your partner's ear will remind both of you that the wedding is a celebration of your love. 

If you are still wondering how to build a wedding guest list, this quick guide is for you! We've put together this little chart that could be useful for those less obvious choices:

how to build a wedding guest list


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