Roberta and Ky's Simon's Town wedding photography

Roberta and Ky's Simon's Town wedding photography



From the beginning we were very excited for this Simon's Town wedding photography opportunity! We first met Roberta alone to discuss the details of their wedding. We were very curious about her fiancee, only to find out a few days before the wedding, he is absolutely charming! They've planned an intimate beach wedding on one of the most beautiful beaches in Simon's Town. Roberta looked amazing in her fitted dress and a crown of roses in her hair. The reception was held at the Blue Horizon Estate, a great venue overlooking Simon's Town, with a stunning view of the bay. We did their Simon's Town wedding photography all over the harbour and the streets. The citizens of Simon's Town were very friendly and kept inviting us to their shops!


We asked Roberta and Ky to share with us a few details from their engagement, as well as the wedding day:

1.      How did you two find each other? Who made the first move?

Roberta and I found each other by complete chance. I was taking a different route as I was visiting a friend that evening when I happened to be called over by one of my colleagues. Roberta was in the UK on a secondment at the time and she was out drinking  with a  few colleagues. I remember the first time we made eye contact with each other, I thought she was absolutely gorgeous and fell in love with her laugh and smile. I honestly thought I didn’t stand any chance but the gods were with me that day and she invited me to her leaving drinks the following week and we haven’t looked back ever since!

2.      What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?


The most memorable part for me was standing at the “alter” waiting for Roberta. She looked absolutely stunning, more than I could have ever imagined. At that point, I realised that this was it, she would be mine for the rest of my life. Everything else just completed faded, all other feelings of  stress and anxiety completely washed away at just the sight of my future wife. I was just filled with this immense joy and happiness, a feeling I’ll remember the rest of my life.


The most memorable moment for me was when I made eye contact with Ky as I walked down the isle. The wedding stress melted away in an instant and it was that moment when I realised I was about to officially 
spend the rest of my life with my true love.

3. What advice would you give to the future brides and grooms?

The day flies by! It’s an absolute whirlwind and it’s so easy to get caught up with the small things. Just enjoy it! You’re the bride and groom so whatever happens, the day is about you and celebrating your love and commitment to each other!  It’s a work in progress!!!


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The beautiful venue: Blue Horizon Estate

DJ: Cool J Productions

Hair and Makeup: Carla Brown




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