Carina and Wayne's Lagoon Beach Hotel wedding

Carina and Wayne's Lagoon Beach Hotel wedding



This beautiful couple sealed their love on the 22nd of March 2014 during the spectacular Lagoon Beach Hotel wedding. Carina looked absolutely breathtaking in the flowing dress she chose for the wedding. The reception hall hall was beautifully decorated in shades of blue - the bride's favourite colour. The nature provided some dramatic cloud displays for the photo session, making it an unforgettable experience. It was such a perfect day for the perfect couple.

After their Lagoon Beach Hotel wedding Wayne surprised Carina with a honeymoon in Thailand. Mr and Mrs Wilmore  enjoyed every minute of their trip together. We asked the newlyweds to share a secret of finding such a great match:

"Our journey started almost 3 years ago, when we came across each others profile on a dating website. Wayne made the first move when he saw a picture of Carina and thought “what a beautiful woman, I would really like to get to know her” and took the first step in sending a greeting message. Naturally Carina accepted and replied :) "

"Fast forward 3 years later to what was an amazing and absolutely memorable wedding. We had so many highlights of that day but one really memorable moment was looking into each others eyes and saying our wedding vows, committing our love to each other forever. We were both really nervous, but it all changed when Carina walked down the isle – we both saw each other and in that moment we felt the safety and security of the person we loved with all our hearts and this moment was beyond perfect."
"Advice to the future brides and grooms. Know that this is your day with the special person in your life, as a groom I can promise that you cannot mention enough how beautiful your wife looks, as a Bride, even with all the nerves and stresses that come with arranging a wedding, all the planning in the world cannot prepare you for the most magical feeling you will ever have when you walk down that isle to meet the most amazing man in your life – Love the Day and take in as much as you can! Our fairytale wedding was a dream come true, and now its time for Happily Ever After"
Hair and Make-Up: Lindsey Boucher, Makeup and Delight
Wedding officiant: Rev. Robert Kruger, The African Church of Truth


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