Jaclyn and Justin's Cape Town beach photos

Jaclyn and Justin's Cape Town beach photos 


Jaclyn and Justin were the winners of our romantic photo session. We their Cape Town beach photos at the iconic Clifton Four beach. Jaclyn arrived fully prepared, with samples of photos and a bag full of great outfits. Justin looked "picture perfect" too, with his retro hat and suspenders. 

Taking photos of this beautiful couple in such a spectacular location was truly breathtaking. As the sun dipped into the horizon and the couple kissed, I knew we were capturing some magic. The perfect sunset poured all over the bay, making the air look like liquid gold. I think the images speak for themselves, they capture those rare moments when everything just comes together to create magic. Jaclyn and Justin's Cape Town beach photos captured the magic of the sunset and the connection of the couple.


We wish Jaclyn and Justin all the best on their journey ahead and we can't wait to see their wedding photos. They are going to have an amazing day!



To see more photos visit: http://www.vizionphoto.com/jacklyn_and_justin



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