Julie and Mauri's Blue Horizon Estate wedding

Julie and Mauri's Blue Horizon Estate wedding


We have met Julie and Mauri nearly a year ago. They instantly won us over with their warm personalities and a great sense of humour. Finally the day arrived and Julie married the man of her dreams on the hill overlooking Simon's Town bay. Friends and family came from around the world to witness their Blue Horizon Estate wedding. The groom's relatives arrived in great force all the way from Chile. Simon's Town was the ultimate location for this ceremony and the weather turned out amazing! Julie and Mauri got married on the perfect day, surrounded by their loved ones. The groom picked an absolute gem of a location for their photos, it was a great experience watching the newlyweds enjoy the first hours of their married life in this stunning location.  Julie and Mauri's Blue Horizon Estate wedding was so much fun to photograph!

We asked Mauri and Julie to share their story with us and to tell us about their wedding day:

1. How did you two find each other? Who made the first move?  Although our paths had crossed many times, the year leading up to us starting to date was that of an amazing friendship which comfortably developed into a loving relationship. That was five and a half years ago!! Who made the first move… well let’s just say that a lady and a gent never tell!

2. What was the most memorable part of your wedding day? Perfect weather, perfect venue and all nearest and dearest with us on our special day! The very special moment when our eyes locked as I (Julie) walked down the aisle. There is no better feeling than the raw emotion of that moment. The brink of sharing our vows and the first husband and wife kiss. Amazing!

3. What advice would you give to the future brides and grooms? It is all in choosing the right venue at the right time of year! Picking a venue that offers multiple services on the day takes away all of the stress for the bride and groom. Even more important… don’t stress the small stuff. Ultimately it is about the two people committing to spend their lives together… everything else is a cherry on top!


More photos at: http://www.vizionphoto.com/p538874767


Venue: Blue Horizon Estate


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