Tarryn and Morne's 12 Apostles wedding photography

Tarryn and Morne's 12 Apostles wedding photography


Tarryn and Morne Highlight

We were delighted to find out we are going to be the team of wedding photographers and videographers for this wedding! Tarryn and Morne's 12 Apostles wedding photography looks like a fairytale story. When such a beautiful bride and a stylish groom get married at the 12 Apostles, the wedding video must look like a dream!

When these two lovely souls met a few years ago, they wouldn't expect that they friendship will turn into love and soon they will be celebrating 12 Apostles wedding. Tarryn and Morne met through a mutual friend. Tarryn stayed in Mossel Bay and Morne stayed in Cape Town. Morne took Tarryn to dinner one night in Cape Town, and while she was in the bathroom he ordered a large, rather expensive platter of sushi. When Tarryn returned to the table, the first thing she saw was.... EEEEEW! After that night, they however found each other and started to express their feelings towards each other! Tarryn packed her entire room up in Morne’s car and came to Cape Town to start a new life! Their mutual friend shared a story that really meant a lot. At their best friend’s wedding, Tarryn was a bridesmaid and Morne was a groomsmen, and as she was walking down the beach towards them, Morne leant over to this friend and said... “Im going to marry that girl.” 3 years later they are married and more in love than ever before!



Tarryn and Morne celebrated their wedding in one of the most stunning venues in South Africa, the 12 Apostles Hotel. The weather was just perfect when they said their vows to each other, with dramatic clouds and the sun reflecting in the surface of the ocean. Tarryn looked absolutely beautiful in the classic gown she chose for the wedding. The couple placed colourful lanterns along the aisle and filled the walkway with rose petals. Their 12 Apostles wedding turned out exactly like they envisioned!



The most memorable part of Tarryn and Morne's wedding day was the part when they united as one with the candles as a symbol. The whole day was a memory, everything turned our perfect! It was pouring with rain the morning of our wedding and they were supposed to get married outside. The wedding coordinator kept coming to the bride asking whether they should set up outside or inside, all the weather sites said that it will be raining at 3pm during the ceremony! Poor bride was in tears! She went to Morne’s dad and asked him for advise and all he said: “HAVE FAITH”. The couple decided their wedding is going to be outside 12 Apostles, knowing that the guests will probably be soaking wet! As Tarryn walked down the aisle it was extremely overcast, but when she stood by Morne and the minister started his service and they said “I Do” the sun light up behind and it turned out to be beautiful! 



There is no better place in Cape Town for wedding photography then the mountains surrounding the Twelve Apostles hotel! The raw beauty of this place is definitely one of a kind, the peaks in the background and indigenous plants everywhere is the true representation of the Cape. Afterwards we discovered a small, hidden beach just in time for sunset. Tarryn looked incredible standing on the massive boulders with the epic sunset behind her. After this photo shoot felt trully fulfilled as wedding photographers and videographers. Tarryn and Morne have such a unique connection between them! 



Congratulations on putting together this elaborate yet touching wedding!


Brides Advise – I know that it is stressful time planning a wedding! We were planning a wedding under extremely stressful circumstances, but we had to make it work! If I could go back, I would change one thing and that would be to just take a step back and breath! The day goes by so fast, don’t allow stress to take a second away from you. Plan everything and get things done sooner than later! I left a lot of stuff for the week before the wedding! Do not do that! Keep the last week for yourself, go spend time in the spa and relax!

Grooms – Plan in advance, do a little bit every night and just remember why you are doing everything, to make your soul mate your wife, For Life!


See more photos at: http://www.vizionphoto.com/p763499860

Venue: Twelve Apostles

Hair and Make-up: Kristen from Egocape

Entertainment: The Rites


Watch this stunning video highlight from Tarryn and Morne's wedding:



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