How to find a great wedding photographer in Cape Town?

How to find a great wedding photographer in Cape Town?


how to choose a wedding photographer



If you wonder how to find a great wedding photographer in Cape Town, this article is for you! Not only there is so many of them, each wedding photographer would offer a specific, unique style of work. What are the questions you should be asking wedding photographer to find out if they are the perfect match for your Big Day?

Before you start, decide on the style of photography you prefer. Your basic choice is between natural light photographer and someone who works with lights. Those two approaches produce different results, from low-contrast, dreamy photography to dramatic, magazine-like photos.

Here are the questions you should be asking your photographer

  1. Do you specialise in the style of photography I like?
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  2. Are you available on the date?

  3. Are you going to be the person taking photos at our wedding? Some photographers have teams working for them, make sure that you are getting the same person. "wedding photographer in Cape Town"

  4. Is wedding photography your full-time career? How long have you been doing it for? (You want to make sure you are getting someone who is experienced and not just so-called “weekend warrior”, who is just making some extra cash on the side. Full time wedding photographers will be insured and they will have a back-up camera and archive solution) "wedding photographer in Cape Town"

  5. How long am I going to wait for my photos?

  6. Do I get an album and can I see the sample, please?

  7. Once you have thinned out the list of potential candidates, meet the finalists face to face.

  8. Have a chat with that person and observe how polite and patient the photographer is. Ask yourself: Is this the person I would like to have around on my wedding day, when I’m stressed, overheated, dehydrated and ready to faint? Are they going to keep me calm and make me feel relaxed? Remember, the photographer’s personality is just as important as the beautiful wedding photos they take)              "wedding photographer in Cape Town"

  9. Consult with your significant other and make sure you both like the photographer. Pick the one that suits your budget. 

  10. Demand to sign the contract, so you have the legal ground in case something happens. Pay the deposit to secure your date. Your dream wedding photographer is yours!


Good luck from the Vizion Photo Team!


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