Izabela and Andre's Langkloof Roses wedding photography

Izabela and Andre's Langkloof Roses wedding



This beautiful couple sealed their love on the 20th of March 2015. Izabela and Andre's Langkloof Roses wedding left us all speechless! The bride looked breathtaking as she came into the candle-lit chapel. We absolutely loved the light at the ceremony, combined from stained windows, chandeliers and candles. The reception hall hall was decorated with everything close to their hearts - travel maps and photos from their adventures together.  Dozens of naked bulbs hanging from the ceiling created an unforgettable mood. Langkloof Roses has seen some spectacular dance moves that night! The family and the guests enjoyed Africaans tunes combined with some Polish wedding songs. The celebration and dancing carried long into the night. It was such a perfect day for the perfect couple!



  • What brought you together?

We met in the UK, with our first date being at a rock music festival. We clicked from the first moment we met, both coming from different countries, both having a love for rock music and both being through some tough times in our lives. Our first date turned into 3 days since the festival was 3 days, so we definitely knew this might be it. A few months later we moved in together and a year later, moved to Cape Town South Africa. In the past year in Cape Town, we settled in with a new job, new house, got engaged and now married, happily of course. Everything just happened so quickly in the past 2 years and we loved every bit of it. We are both strong characters and since moving towns and countries a few times, it has made us equally prepared and really excited for any future plans or whatever life might throw at us. Looking back at everything in our lives, it definitely all happened for a reason. Call it cheesy, but fate brought us together and now since being married, we can’t wait to continue with the next exciting chapter of our lives!

  • What was the one special memory of your wedding day?

There were so many, but definitely the most beautiful part of our wedding was to have all the most important people in our lives together under one roof, many of them travelled from far and wide to celebrate our special day with us, it was priceless. Of course seeing my husband with his tear filled eyes as I came down the aisle, and then his speech later – beautiful, touching words that brought happy tears to my eyes.


  • Any advice for the future brides?

HAVE FUN!!! You're marrying the love of your life and nothing is as important as that. During your reception, make sure to take a step back and soak it all in. It is so easy to get distracted with everything happening around you if you are planning your own wedding, especially if you are constantly trying to make sure everything is ready and perfect for your guests. And before you know it, the day is gone. Ask your best man or bridesmaids to keep reminding you of your day, that you need to relax and enjoy every moment. Everyone is there for YOU and to celebrate the day with you because they love you. It will be a very surreal day and no matter what you do, it will go by fast, but it will undoubtedly be one of your best days of your life!



VENUE: Langkloof Roses


DRESS: Kobus Dippenaar, Calegra House


Iza and Andre(non-registered)
Thank you so much for creating such beautiful photographs to help us always remember our wedding day. They are absolutley stunning!!
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