Sarah and David's Steenberg wedding photography

Sarah and David's Steenberg wedding photography​



We have met Sarah and David in a Skype interview almost a year ago. Immediately they won us over with their sense oh humour and warm personalities. Soon we knew about their house renovations and the puppy! We were delighted to know we are going to do Sarah and David's Steenberg wedding photography. We were awaiting their arrival to Cape Town in anticipation. Sarah and David chose Steenberg Estate for their intimate wedding. Steenberg is the one place in Cape Town that needs no introduction. One of the oldest estates in the Cape, nested between majestic mountains of Constantia, provides truly breathtaking scenery for wedding celebrations.


Sarah and David's wedding day was exciting right from the beginning! The groom was getting ready at the mansion at Cams Bay, with some pretty spectacular views. We were fascinated by all the pieces of traditional kilt that David was knowledgeably putting on one after the other. There is even a special way of tying those leather shoe laces over the wooly socks! I guess the generations of Scots have mastered the art of wearing this very flattering outfit! The groom ended up looking dashingly handsome in his kilt.

Sarah brought the most beautiful dress to wear on her wedding day. Layers of delicate fabric were pinned all over it, creating cascades of ivory chiffon. The dress was finished with a shoulder strap decorated with chiffon roses. It takes a girl like Sarah to work this kind of dress! When she finally put this masterpiece on, we all stood there breathless! I think the photos from Sarah's preparation are one of my all time favourite. The light at Steenberg wraps around the bride, making her look so delicate and elegant! 



Special thanks go to Florence! She was fantastic on the wedding day, assisting the bride with every little detail. Florence, you really are a role model of a bridesmaid and a true friend. The trick with using crochet needle to do the buttons on the bride's dress was priceless!



Sarah and David exchanged rings under the blue skies of Cape Town. Family and close friends witnessed this intimate ceremony and took part in the reception. It was a touching family reunion, proving that thousands of miles cannot weaken real bonds between family and friends. 

We hope Sarah and David visit Cape Town soon! We would like to wish the newlyweds only joy and happiness on their journey together.



What brought you together?

We've known each other since we were 4 years old and David used to fancy me when we were around 20 but it's taken til now to get together. We met again at the local rugby club and it went from there

What was the one special memory of your wedding day?

I think it'll have to be the speeches and especially the one from my step son Cullen, it really had me in floods of happy tears 

Any advice for the future brides?

Advice ..... write lists, lots of lists and delegate if need be .....  you are highly likely to get stressed however bubbles and friends will help you out, ha ha!!



Venue: Steenberg



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I'm still in awe at how fantastic our pictures are, Kat you are one exceptional photographer!! Thanks again
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