Shannon any Greg's wedding video

Shannon any Greg's wedding video


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Shannon and Greg celebrated their union on the 7th of March 2015 at Tarragona Lodge. We enjoyed capturing their wedding video and participating in this joyful event. The bride looked stunning in her fitted wedding gown, amongst her bridesmaids in pastel infinity dresses. The groom and the groomsmen had tons of fun getting ready for the ceremony! They have been friends since school, so the wedding was a great opportunity for all of them to get together and have a laugh. Friends and family travelled from across the globe to witness Shannon and Greg's wedding ceremony and share their joy and excitement. We absolutely loved the outdoor reception, hosted on a lawn and decorated with fairy lights. The guests invaded the dance floor the moment it opened! Friends of the bride and groom have got some serious dance moves, but the family doesn't stay behind either. The dancing carried long into the night, with the stars and fairy light above.

We wish Shannon and Greg all the joy and happiness! They are the perfect match and being together makes them so happy! With such a great bunch of friends and family they have an exciting and fun journey ahead!


What brought you together? 

I think for us it was how much fun we had together, we were always going on adventures in Stellenbosch, where we met. We were both so different to anyone else we has ever met.

What was the one special memory of your wedding day? 

Shannon: For me it was Greg's and my fathers speech. I love every minute. Also seeing Greg so happy to be around his friends and family. You could just see he was in his element.

Greg: My special memory from the wedding (besides my beautiful bride) was just how perfectly everything worked out.  I truelly believe it was exactly how Shan pictured it.  It was also special seeing how much all the guests enjoyed it, and everyone got on so well.

Any advice for the future brides?

We would say enjoy every moment- keep saying this day is going to go slowly- it helped ha ha. Try speak to as many people as possible and take a moment to take yourselves away and watch everyone celebrating around you.



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