Wendy and Jonathan's Forest 44 wedding photography and video

Wendy and Jonathan's Forest 44 wedding photography and video



Wendy and Jonathan got married on the 21st of February 2015 in Stellenbosch. The touching ceremony, attended by friends and family, was followed by the lively reception at Forest 44. The bride chose the stunning Dornier estate as their preparation venue. We were spoiled with spacious, luxury rooms of Dornier's manor House for Wendy's wedding preparation photography and video! 

Both bride and the groom chose their own cars to take them around! Wendy arrived in a classic, balsk and white, convertible MG, with a stylish driver opening doors for her. Jonathan and the boys were travelling in the purple Chevrolet, so well maintained, it could serve Elvis Presley! We took our bride and groom around in those unique, classic cars to do their Forest 44 wedding photography and video. 

Wendy looked absolutely breathtaking on her wedding day! Long, dark hair were falling on her shoulders, touching the top of her tasteful wedding gown. We were all mesmerised by the glowing beauty of this lovely girl! I'm sure Jonathan will alway remember the moment he saw his beautify bride walking down the aisle towards him.



We asked Wendy and Jonathan to share their story as well as some memories from their wedding day:

" Jono and I met in 2002. He walked into the room and my heart just lit up.

Jono was a friend of my mother's as they were all in the same bike group.

I always said to my mum, that the girl who marries him is one lucky girl!

After that night he turned around to me and said: "One day I'm going to marry you"

I said: "Ya, right, we will see"

After 13 years we got married. It's like a fairytale that came true!"



"The most memorable moment of the whole wedding was when I was walking down the aisle and I saw my fiancee standing there in his suit waiting for me, with the biggest smile I've ever seen! It was the most special moment for me.

On you wedding day, KEEP CALM and enjoy it! Remember, whatever goes wrong, there is always a solution to the problem!

On my wedding day my driver said to me that I'm the most calm and relaxed bride he has ever seen.

That's the secret to having a wonderful day and enjoying yourself! Don't get me wrong, things did happened on the day, like when they brought my bridesmaids flowers and they were pink instead of purple. LOL, really??? I just sent them back, so the florist can correct them. If not, there was a Woolworths around the corner that had purple flowers. Remember, there is alway a solution!"



We wish Wendy and Jonathan only love and happiness! Thank you for trusting us with your precious memories. We hope we have captured them in such a way, your wedding photography and video will always remind you of your special day! All the best for your journey ahead!

Kat and Andre


Watch the highlight video:


Wendy and Jonathan's wedding feature film


Wedding friends: 

Preparation venue: Dornier

Reception Venue: Forest 44

Makeup: Dana Lewis of Prime 

White MG classic car owned by: David Ginsberg




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